Learning Objectives

Key trading skills that we expect you to gain.

Trading portfolio risk management

Top notch low risk high reward risk management strategies

Major market turning points

Learn to find big Bank / Institution demand and supply zones

Characteristics of market participants

Learn to identify the actions of big Banks / Institutions and Novice traders in the markets

Order matching process

Learn how significant unfilled orders cause price to reverse and filled orders facilitate price movement

Our Education

Statistics say 90 % of retail traders loose money trading the financial markets due to poor risk management skills or excessive use of indicators and oscillators that lag price. Indicators typically provide retail traders with high risk low reward trade signals way after a trend has started. At GBTA we teach our students how to predict market turning points in advance with a high degree of accuracy by finding where big Banks / Institutions have their unfilled orders. The demand and supply imbalances at these price points cause price to turn therefore trading at these price points ensures a very high probability trading opportunity.

Student Testimonies

What students have to say about our education


Learn trading secrets that big Banks / Institutions do not want you to know

Traditional technical analysis and chart patterns are the greatest reasons why most retail traders are not successful. These chart patterns make retail traders enter the market after a trend has already started. It prompts them to buy high and sell low instead of the conventional buy low sell high approach.

As we move higher the price chart, price approaches retail levels (expensive) which favors the sellers and as we move down the price chart, price approaches wholesale levels (cheap) which favors the buyers therefore how money is made buying and selling in everyday business is the same as it is made trading the financial markets

When big Banks/ Institutions trade they leave their foot prints on the charts therefore our Core Strategy at GBTA is to locate exactly where these big Banks / Institutions are trading and legally front run their trades.

At GBTA we make trading easy for you by teaching you to trade in harmony with the irrefutable laws of demand and supply.