How to locate demand & supply zones of big Banks / Institutions


Course Description

This 5 – day course builds on the basics of Supply and Demand (order flow) trading from the beginners course in 9 lecture topics.
This course teaches traders the key steps to finding major Demand & Supply zones on a price chart for short term day trading income and gives traders a strategy to profitably trade the highs and lows of the daily time frames. It also provides an algorithm or a checklist called the “Odd Enhancer” which traders will use to find very high probability markert turning points.
At the end of the Advanced course graduates will be invited into the prestigious global GBTA Advanced telegram community which offers lifetime trading support.


  • Market turning points
  • Market structures
  • How to accurately locate Demand & Supply zones of big Banks / Institutions
  • Odd enhancers
  • Risk management

Course Content

Total learning: 9 lessons Time: 14 weeks
  • Trading  0/9

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  • Codan



    order flow made easy, Trading in line with banks and institutions gave me the freedom to trade with low risk and high reward. This course is worth taking,changed how i read price and my decision making is excellent,there's no strategy that has no losses but a rule based strategy will not make you worry about being wrong THIS IS LOW RISK AD HIGH REWARD RULE BASED STRATEGY,
  • Esther.B


    Best Decision!

    The best decision I made this year was taking this course! This course has helped with my forex journey and prevented me from making a lot of mistakes retail traders make. The course is an eye-opener!
  • Sammy


    Sammy Ramonyai

    Forex is made incredibly easy at GBTA, that's what i can say about this institution. Willie the order Flow king unearthed the secrets of better trading market turning point accurately with Big banks and institutions. The contents in his course are mind blowing and gives courage to want to trade more if hope was lost. What he teaches, i have never come across in my years of learning forex. Thanks Willi, God keep blessing you man.
  • Ayour2a


    The Secret is out

    Oder flow trading is a rule based system. I don't need to babysit my chart again. Follow the rules and smile to the bank. The delivery is out of this world even novices are smiling to the bank now.I am delighted to have met my mentor who opened my eyes and gave me the necessary know to excel. Thank you Williejaythetrader
  • MATTHEW369


    Order Flow Revelation

    The concept is a rule-based, simple and concise process of trading. It has definitely changed the way I trade the FOREX market. And you don't have to be on the charts all the time to find zones/levels to trade. This is total freedom.


  • 46 hours on-demand video
  • 16 Articles
  • 39 Supplemental Resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Language: English
  • Certificate of Completion

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