Slide Core Strategy GBTA’s Core Strategy is to find price levels in various financial markets where big Banks / Institutions have their unfilled buy & sell orders. Down trends always start at supply zones where Institutions have their unfilled sell orders and uptrends always start at demand zones where Institutions have their unfilled buy orders. As long as a market has buyers and sellers, it is governed by the irrefutable laws of demand & supply. Our core strategy has an extremely high win rate because it involves trading at major levels where big Banks have their orders and it can be applied to various markets like the Commodity, Indices and Forex markets.

Slide Professional Mentorship Students who enrol at Golden Bridge Trading Academy are not left alone. They will be trained and mentored by William aka Williejaythetrader who has an extraordinary skill at order flow trading to predict market turning points. William who heads trading education at GBTA is also a chartered financial analyst candidate who has 6 years plus of professional trading experience and an in-depth understanding of demand & supply trading. His trading strategy is from the Bank side of trading because he was directly mentored by an American ex Bank trader who handled Institutional order flow at a trading floor of a mercantile exchange. GBTA students will receive direct mentorship from him throughout the Advance and Professional courses from a Bank trading perspective.

100% Order Flow Education Most traders fail to achieve their trading goals simply because they over rely on lagging indicators and traditional technical analysis chart patterns which prompts them to enter the market after a trend has started. Our unique education makes GBTA the preferred Forex trading Institution because our courses are based solely on the order flow and demand & supply of the market movers (big Banks / Institutions), rather than traditional technical analysis chart patterns and indicators.

Throughout the courses students are conditioned to think and trade like big Banks / Institutions i.e buy where Banks are buying and sell where Banks are selling because their orders represent the TRUE supply & demand of any market.

Risk management is at the core of GBTA, so students will be taught highly effective risk management strategies and also how order flow imbalances create demand zones (wholesale levels) and supply zones (retail levels).

GOLDEN BRIDGE TRADING Academy Cross the Golden Bridge to trading success today!

Slide Online Forex Academy Our education and mentorship is 100% accessible online. Registered students will have access to trading education resource materials on the GBTA website with free training / mentorship sessions through the ZOOM webinar software. Students need to download the zoom webinar software to have direct access to trainings and mentorship using their meeting ID. Register Now