Slide William Kwesi Johnson A.k.a Williejaythetrader Williejaythetrader is the founder and Senior mentor at Goldenbridge Trading Academy (GBTA) A successful mentor is one who duplicates his knowledge and skills into his mentees. William Kwesi Johnson aka ‘Williejaythetrader’ the Founder and Senior Mentor at Goldenbridge Trading Academy (GBTA) is an expert in Demand & Supply (Order Flow) trading. William has transformed many inconsistent retail traders around the world into world class professional traders through his mentorship program at GBTA. He currently mentors traders in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Canada, United Kingdom, United States, Bahamas, Maldives, Sweden and counting.

William is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) candidate and has over 6 years experience of Order Flow trading, so effective risk management is a core part of his mentorship course. He is considered one of the best Order Flow traders in the Forex trading Industry. His trading strategy is from the Bank side of trading because he was mentored by an ex Bank trader who handled Institutional order flow at a trading floor on Wall Street in America.

William is very committed to transforming the Forex trading industry through Demand & Supply (order flow) trading education so he founded Goldenbridge Trading Academy to teach retail traders the strategies of big Banks and Institutions, so that they can also become profitable and meet their trading goals.

GBTA Founder & Mentor