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Slide OUR CORE STRATEGY All markets are governed by the irrefutable laws of Demand and Supply. Our professional trader analyses various markets and provides you with low risk high probability trade signals. Big Banks / Institutions always have large buy or sell orders and most of the time cannot fill their orders simultaneously therefore, their unfilled buy or sell orders create major demand and supply zones which act as major market tuning points.

Slide Why You Can Trust Our Service Core Strategy Our signal service has a very high success rate with great risk reward ratios. This is because we provide signals at major market turning points which occur where big Banks / Institutions create Demand and Supply zones Professional signal provider Our trade signals are provided by a professional trader who has over 7 years experience in Trading & Investing, immense institutional trading knowledge and a robust risk management strategy. Top notch risk management systems Leave the risk to our experts to handle. All trade signals come with free risk management advice.









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Frequently Questions

Is there a minimum account size?

No, our signals work for all account sizes provided you stick with our recommended risk size.

How many positions do you have open at the same time?

We do not recommend that you hold multiple trades that exceed 10% of the net asset value of your account size at a time, risking 2% per trade.

What happens after sign up?

We would send you an email with user name and password to access the signals page or add you to the telegram page

What are the payment methods?

You can pay using visa or master card or Paypal.

How are signals sent?

Signals are sent via telegram

Can I sign up for just a month?

Yes you can.

What do the signals look like?

We send you the entry, stop loss and take profit prices. 


     Open Price: 1.5243

     Stop Loss: 1.5443

     Take Profit: 1.4800

What markets do you send signals for?

Forex and Gold markets

What is the typical risk reward ratio of your trades?

Minimum of 1:3

How many signals do you send per day?

We will send you 3-8 signals a day